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SEO Work Process

How We Do It

Digital Marketing is all about how to optimize the available sources and manipulate digital channels with proven yet flexible strategies. Our team follows an effective process to open the door for endless opportunities to grow your business.


Before we head for our actual process for changing the digital presence of your website we organize a discovery meeting. During this step, we sit down with the client and note down all the requirements and business goals. Once we are aware of our client’s vision, we start picking up the raw ideas along with the in and outs of the company. To share the same goals, we must understand the company thoroughly. During this phase, we also discuss the scope of the project, prime objectives and also decide the project timeline with the mutual convenience. Besides we also share our work ethics and work process with the clients to let them know how we gonna take care of their digital presence.


Now it is time to get our Sherlock mode on, yes we are talking about some detective stuff. There is no way to come up with the most effective strategies without gathering information from the market and your competitors. Our team firstly track down your current position in the market and list down all the SEO metrics. After studying the relevant industry and closely noticing your competitors with the help of tools we start working on our strategies and plan.


The third step in the Authoritas SEO and Content Marketing process is selecting the right opportunities, setting goals and creating a plan to move forward with. In other words, setting a strategy and organizing your activities to implement the changes needed to improve your SEO and content marketing efforts. It is important to assess the amount of resources available within your organization. This helps give an idea of what is available and helps guide the direction and scope of you business over the long term.


This is the stage where all the magic begins, our team roll up their sleeves and start conceptualizing the ideas. The whole team starts working on strategies with different approaches using available data and their skills. The team starts with changing the SEO and marketing process by replacing your traditional ways with new ideas. From traffic to ranking to listings everything is covered by our SEO experts to make sure that your website gets visible to the targeted audience.


There is no point in doing all the hard work if you are not able to implement the strategies successfully. Once the team is ready with the plan and strategies, it will start implementing the actions including content marketing, SEO tactics, and digital marketing activities according to the prepared strategy. This phase also called the optimizing stage where all the real-time results start appearing from capturing higher traffic to higher search engine ranking. With the help of keyword targeting and quality content strategy, our team will attract the maximum targeted users for your business.


Unlike most of the digital marketing companies we don't stop getting the desired results. Once we start accomplishing the targeted goals for your website our team keeps tracking all the progress. All the SEO metrics from ranking to organic traffic is measured on a daily basis to make sure that it will go only higher from there. The digital market is very unpredictable; the things can be changed within an hour, so we need to be attentive and active regarding outcomes. So, we can take action immediately if something goes unexpected.

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