Our Process

SEO Work Process

How We Do It

Digital Marketing is all about how to optimize the available sources and manipulate digital channels with proven yet flexible strategies. Our team follows an effective process to open the door for endless opportunities to grow your business.


Prior to initiating any alterations to your website's digital footprint, we conduct a discovery meeting to align with your objectives. This session involves delving into your requirements, business goals, and company dynamics. Understanding your vision enables us to gather raw ideas and comprehend your company's nuances. We outline the project's scope, objectives, and timeline, ensuring mutual convenience.


Effective strategies necessitate market & competitor analysis. Our team meticulously tracks your market position, compiling vital SEO metrics. After thorough industry research & competitor scrutiny using specialized tools, we craft strategies & an SSL plan tailored to your needs. This detective work ensures a comprehensive understanding of your market landscape, empowering us to devise optimal solutions for boosting your digital presence.


In the Authoritas SEO & Content Marketing process, the third step entails selecting opportunities, setting goals, & crafting a strategic plan. This involves organizing activities to enhance SEO & content marketing efforts effectively. Assessing available resources within your organization is vital for guiding long-term business direction & scope. By aligning strategy with resource evaluation, we ensure a focused approach.


This is the stage where all the magic begins, our team roll up their sleeves & start conceptualizing the ideas. The whole team starts working on strategies with different approaches using available data & their skills. The team starts with changing the SEO & marketing process by replacing your traditional ways with new ideas. From traffic to ranking to listings everything is covered by our SEO experts to make sure that your website gets visible to the targeted audience.


Implementing strategies successfully is paramount after diligent effort. Once the team finalizes plans & strategies, execution begins, encompassing content marketing, SEO tactics, & digital marketing activities aligned with the prepared strategy. This optimization phase, yields real-time results, from increased traffic to enhanced search engine rankings. Leveraging keyword targeting & quality content, our team attracts maximum targeted users, ensuring effective digital presence & business growth.


Unlike most of the digital marketing companies we don't stop getting the desired results. Once we start accomplishing the targeted goals for your website our team keeps tracking all the progress. All the SEO metrics from ranking to organic traffic is measured on a daily basis to make sure that it will go only higher from there. The digital market is very unpredictable; the things can be changed within an hour, so we need to be attentive and active regarding outcomes.

Our Design Process

How We Do It

Reliable Creative Designs And Yet Cost-Effective Solutions Beautifully Designed To Bring The Best User Experience!

Service 1


Understanding the client's company vision and goals, in conjunction with a thorough study of the project requirements, enables us to craft a plan specifically for your project and assign the ideal team for outstanding results within the agreed-upon project timetable.

Service 2


The team takes the requirement to the next level by developing an application's aesthetically appealing layout and design, which, once authorized by the client, moves on to the next step of coding. After gathering the requirements, the actual work begins: "design."

Service 3


The backbone of any successful application design is its source code, which must be correctly mapped, ensured to be entirely mistake and bug free, and ensured to be simple to use with excellent navigation and flow. UI & UX design is only half of the narrative of a web application.

Service 4


The project's delivery is the phase that requires the most attention. We guarantee that the project will be delivered on schedule and that source code backup will be offered. so that any modifications you make to your web application may always be easily restored.

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